Based on data about how Millennials want to communicate,

Based on data about how Millennials want to communicate, the increase use of emojis indicate that there has been a shift toward using:

A)expert content communication.
B)pictorial communication.
C)white paper communication.
D)web logs.
E)branded content.


Emojis are small digital images or icons that are used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication. They are particularly popular among Millennials and are increasingly being used in business and professional communication. Emojis represent a form of pictorial communication that allows people to convey emotions or ideas in a visual way, rather than relying solely on text-based communication.

Expert content communication refers to the sharing of authoritative or knowledgeable content in a specific field or industry. White paper communication involves the sharing of authoritative reports or guides that provide detailed information about a specific issue or problem. Web logs, or blogs, are websites or online journals where individuals or organizations can publish content on a variety of topics. Branded content refers to content created by a brand or company for the purpose of promoting its products or services.

Therefore, the correct answer is B) pictorial communication.

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